Most personal training is done in a 1-on-1 setting and can cost as much as $80 per hour in the Northern Kentucky/Cincinnati area. We believe that anyone should be able to have access to the highest quality training. That’s why our person training is done in a semi-private group setting of 2 to 4 people. You still have the benefits of an individualized program, pay half the cost and have more scheduling flexibility while not paying the price of 1-on-1 training. Having others to train with you will lead you to push yourself to your limit. Your training partners will also help hold you accountable, acting as a support group to help you achieve your goals.



#1) Move Better

The average person sits about 10 hours a day. That’s a lot of not-moving! We develop our programs specifically for your needs, based on your current lifestyle and physical condition. At the end of the day, you are going to move better, feeling less restricted and more mobile!

#2) Feel Better

I bet you have a hard time with your energy levels, especially around mid day. This is the time where most people start to wear down and get groggy. It’s time to take your energy back so you can be more productive, less sleepy and spend more quality time with the people in your life.

#3) Transform Your Body

Feeling good about yourself is the first step to having a better quality of life. Maybe you don’t feel comfortable with yourself because of your weight or how you feel in your clothes. It’s time for you to be confident again. Lose the weight you want to lose, tone up those arms and midsection, and start to feel like yourself!

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