Making health and fitness sustainable is our top priority at Thriveology, which is why we’ve developed our philosophy around ideas that help our members create lasting change in a way that fits their lifestyle.

Below is a brief review of some of the key areas of how we go about making health and fitness a regular part of your life. While there are many different avenues to use when it comes to getting in shape, losing weight, or improving nutrition, we believe that the philosophy we’ve developed is simply and effective. So, let’s take a look and see what you think.

1. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Improving health and fitness is more than a matter of focusing on just getting more exercise. The body is a holistic machine. And as such, feeding it properly (literally and figuratively) means getting plenty of movement throughout the day, finding nutrition strategies that fit your lifestyle, and building a growth mindset to help support you on your way to mastery.

2. The strength of the wolf is the Pack.

Research shows that one of the most effective ways at making your new healthy habits is by surrounding yourself with like-minded people who have similar goals, aspirations, and struggles as you. That’s why we purposefully build a Pack around you to help support you and hold you accountable as you go on your health and fitness journey. After all, the strength of the wolf is the Pack.

3. The goal is to get 1% better each and every day.

So much of what is sold to us about losing weight or getting in shape is short-term. We’re told that we should be able to get 6-pack abs in 6-minutes a day, or lose 20lbs in 20 days. While these strategies MAY work (emphasis on MAY), they are not sustainable. Which is why we’ve shifted our thinking about what it takes to gain lasting results. Instead of feeling the pressure of trying to get lots of results in a really short amount of time, we encourage the pursuit of getting 1% better each and every day. When you focus on getting 1% better everyday, it feels much more attainable. When you focus on getting 1% better everyday, you build habits that stick with you for the long-term.  After all, we want change that lasts a lifetime.


While there are finer details to this philosophy, these are the general guidelines we use as we pursue health and fitness mastery. As an organization, it is our Purpose to help you become the best version of yourself possible, and our results show that treating the body as whole, embracing the Pack around you, and getting 1% better everyday are great strategies to make this happen.