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Are You Finished Going to “Globo Gym” & Not Seeing Results?!

It’s time you got the results you deserved. After all, you’ve put in your time. You’ve helped your family. You’ve worked and slaved and worked some more. Now it’s time to do something for yourself.


And what better place to do that than NKY’s Premiere Facility for Fitness Mastery?!


If you made it to this page, you likely heard about us “through the great vine”. This is our favorite type of advertising. If someone has told you about us, that means that your friend, or somebody they know, has seen what Thriveology can do to help you achieve your fitness goals.


Now that you’ve taken some steps to do some research, the next hardest part is walking through the door the first time. Why is this part so hard?!


Because it can be intimidating to go into a place (especially a place that you visualize is another Globo Gym) that us unknown. Well, hopefully we’ve offered an abundance of education here on our site. And if that’s the case, I hope we’ve made it an easy choice for you to schedule a Free Strategy Session (link to page) online or give us a call at 859-635-2200.

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Many people struggle finding and sustaining a true program that is going to help them achieve ultimate health and fitness. Maybe some programs are too hard for where you are, or too boring, or too time consuming.

   (859) 635-2200


     981 Midway Drive,Alexandria, KY, 41001