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Starting a Weight Training Program Can Be Hard

Have you ever attempted to try to start a new weight training program, only to not begin because you didn’t even know where to start? Learning how to use free weights can be intimidating because there are so many different exercises to do. I mean how are you supposed to know what exercises to do if you want to:


  • Tone up your arms
  • Get stronger legs
  • Work on your back muscles


The options can feel overwhelming. Not to mention, once you’ve decided you want to try an exercise, how do you know if you’re doing it right?! You surely don’t want to look funny in the gym while you’re trying a new exercise.

Luckily For You, We’ve Done All the Research

Because we understand that your time is limited and because we want you to achieve your health & fitness goals, we’ve done all the research to make sure that you’re receiving the most effective exercises for fitness mastery.


Knowing what exercises to do for tone arms or stronger legs requires you put in some work. Maybe you ask some friends. Or maybe you throw in a Google search. Or maybe you purchase a fitness magazine that has “The 5 Best Exercises for Buns of Steal”.


Doesn’t that seem too tedious? Instead, our Expert Fitness Programmers can pick the right exercise, with the right amount of sets and the perfect amount of repetitions to help you achieve your goals.

Not Only That, We’re Sticklers for Proper Form

It’s never fun learning how to do an exercise the first time. Especially if you’re in a gym setting, it can be intimidating to try a new exercise. Who knows if someone is staring and judging you?!


Our Expert Fitness Coaches are constantly education on proper form a technique. We put our Coaches through rigorous training to make sure that they know how to show you how to properly perform each and every exercise. This insures that, when you’re doing a new exercise, you won’t:


  • Feel stupid about your form
  • Get hurt while performing an exercise
  • Feel like you’re being judged


This way, you can concentrate on putting in the work and becoming the best version of yourself that you possibly can! To start learning today, call us at 859-635-2200 to schedule your Fitness Audit.

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