If you’re ready for an exciting, fun, personalized experience, come check out our group classes. We program our classes to help you achieve your ultimate level of health and fitness. They are developed in a way that helps you continue to progress so that you don’t hit those dreaded plateaus. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, get stronger or simply become more flexible our classes will get you to your goals. Also, this is where the full experience of The Pack really comes to life! With accountability and unrelenting support (and sometimes a bit of jabbering back-and-forth), our community will push you to perform at your best.



Are you ready to test your strength AND endurance together? This class will challenge you on a number of levels, helping to push you to greater results. Good for those looking to burn up fat and tone up your muscles.

1/2 Kneeling Overhead Press


Once we get to our 30s, our strength diminishes by approximately 5% every 10 years. That’s a BIG DEAL! This class will keep your strength levels up while giving you a nice calorie burn at the same time. Good for those wanting to get stronger while burning fat.



Have you ever heard that saying “Practice makes perfect”? Well, we would take that a step further and say, “Purposeful practice makes permanent”. This class will ingrain the fundamentals of human movement in you, decreasing your risk of injury. Good for those just starting our program or for members looking to fine-tune their skills.



Ever wonder what it feels like to be a total sweaty mess and a feeling of absolute accomplishment? That’s what you get when you participate in our Anti-Gravity class. This class uses absolutely no equipment and requires the use of 100% body weight. At only 30 minutes long, Anti-Gravity is a fast paced workout that gets you in and out when your schedule is feeling a little cramped. 

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