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Getting Motivated to Workout Can Be Tough

Especially if it’s been a while since you’ve tried to exercise in the first place. There are so many reasons why you could be demotivated to start a training program. Maybe you’ve:


  • Exercised before and didn’t see much results
  • Started a training program but it wasn’t any fun
  • Had a workout buddy but they quit on you


These can all be reasons to become demotivated to start working out. And, guess what?! They all make sense!

I mean, who wants to do a workout program that you don’t enjoy?


Or, who wants workout on their own after their buddy bailed on them?


Or, who can feel motivated about doing exercise after not getting any results?!

We’ve Covered All of Your Motivational Bases!

Because we understand that it can be tough and intimidating to start a weight training program, we’ve created an environment that supports and encourages its Members to become the best versions of themselves possible.


With our initial fitness and health assessment, we will learn as much about your past experience and current goals as possible to ensure that you have the most individualized experience we can give you.


Each one of us has different needs, physically and emotionally. What works for my body won’t necessarily work for yours. Because of that, we make sure to make your experience as personalized as possible so you achieve the results you want.

Oh, And Don’t Forget, The Pack Has Your Back!

Remember that workout buddy we talked about before that bailed on you? Well, now you have no reason to rely on just one person to motivate you!


At Thriveology, we’ve intentionally developed a community of like-minded individuals that have similar goals and needs. Each one of them knows and understands your fears and frustrations. And each one of them has had some of the same setbacks and hurdles as you.


We call our community The Pack. And when you join Thriveology, The Pack will make sure that you’re held accountable for your health & fitness goals. You’ll begin to wonder how you ever achieved any level of previous fitness without the support of The Pack.


If you’re ready to know more about The Pack, give us a call at 859-635-2200.

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