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Many people struggle finding and sustaining a fitness program that is going to help them achieve their fitness goals. Maybe some programs are too hard for where you are, or too boring, or too time consuming. We believe that everyone starts at their own level. So beginning your journey where YOU are our top priority.


There are a bunch of characteristics that make Thriveology different from other gyms or training facilities, but we think there are 3 in particular that stand out:



One of the hardest aspects of getting started in your journey is finding somewhere to go that makes you comfortable. Hate going to the gym because of all the people around flexing in the mirrors?! Cool, so do we! Our Pack has a wonderful way of being totally inclusive to anybody who’s willing to put up with us (yes, The Pack can be a bit relenting at times, but that’s why you’re here for, right?).



How many different workouts have you tried in your life?! Bootcamps? Zumba? Spinning? P90x? Many people have tried a handful of different workout routines, and maybe even had good results. But many workout routines aren’t built for sustainability.


We believe that when you work hard for your results, you should get to keep them. That’s why our programs are geared to give you the best results possible, in the shortest amount of time, with the longest lasting impact.



When you’re looking to have someone help you improve your health & fitness, you deserve to have someone that is educated and driven to hold you accountable. Our coaches are constantly working to improve their education. Our system is always being scrutinized to see what we can do better to get you greater results.


Accountability is another big part of sustainable fitness. Have you ever joined a gym with a friend, and during that time you worked out harder than you ever did, only to stop working out all together once your friend quit? Yes, this happens pretty regularly. But the idea stands, when you have people holding you accountable, you achieve greater results!




My name is Jerry Scarlato. I am the founder and Performance Coach at Thriveology. My journey to this current destination began when I was in high school. I played sports my whole life all the way through college. In the process I developed a deep passion for “working out”. I loved lifting heavy weights and seeing the results transfer onto the field or track or court.


Because of this passion for sports and sports performance, I decided to start coaching other athletes in the art of becoming stronger in order to enhance their performance. In process of coaching athletes, I also began coaching adults as well because, well, they asked me to and it was nice to have the extra money. At the time, I looked at coaching adults as a means to an end. The end being the best Strength and Conditioning Coach I can be.


That’s why we created Thriveology. We wanted to create something that allowed those women and men to achieve lasting vitality. Our mission is to build sustainable habits so that you can become the best version of yourself to continue to help your family and increase you productivity at work.



Hi, I’m Sharon Kuntz. I am a Personal Trainer at Thriveology in Alexandria, KY. I graduated from Northern Kentucky University in May of 2015 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. I enjoy being active outdoors, doing anything from walking to playing basketball to canoeing, and everything in between! I also enjoy reading and learning in my spare time.


My interest in Personal Training started late in my college career. In my third year of college, I had actually decided that I really wanted to pursue a career in Psychology. In my fifth year, I decided I really did not want to pursue a career in Psychology, which was a big setback for me. I continued with my Psychology education because by this time I already had all of my Psychology classes under my belt besides one.


This is when a co-worker asked what it is I would do if I had to work without getting paid. My answer was: “Exercise.” That lit the spark that I needed to determine where my future was heading.


I started weight lifting consistently about one year after I graduated high school, and I committed to a gym membership at Planet Fitness. I had the “Black card” membership, which allowed me to bring a friend to the gym with me for free any time. My friends and family started pointing out that they could see positive results in my body shortly after I started working out consistently, and began to ask me to bring them to the gym with me to show them what I do. Many people told me I should be a personal trainer, but it was only after the first person told me that when I decided they were right, and that I wanted to become a personal trainer after school. The only problem was that I almost had a Psychology degree. I decided to finish out my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, but I began learning everything I could about personal training and I started (slowly) studying the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) textbook. In the meantime, I was offered a job at Thriveology to gain experience before I got my certification.


In May 2015, finished my degree and began (diligently) studying for the NSCA Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) exam. Two long and grueling months later I passed the CPT exam. Now, I am a proud Certified Personal Trainer at Thriveology.


Happy exercising!



Hi I’m Treves Janszen. I have been a Registered Nurse for over 30 years. Nine years ago, I found myself 100 pounds over weight and really felt hopeless to ever lose it. Through a friend, I was introduced to resistance training and learned about eating clean.


Through this lifestyle change, I was able to lose all 100 pounds and maintain it. During this process, I developed a passion for fitness and nutrition. I spent my free time reading and learning all I could about it.


Five years ago, I met Jerry and with his encouragement I decided to use this passion to help others. In 2014, I obtained my certification as a nutrition coach from Precision Nutrition. Now I am doing what I really love everyday to help people make sustainable changes to their lifestyle and improve their lives.

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