Why We Age Part #3: Jan’s Story on How to Age Backwards

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The process of aging can be very challenging, especially if we don’t follow some basic rules and guidelines to keep ourselves on the straight and narrow. For the most part, we think we know what to expect when it comes to the aging process. However, what society tells us “aging” looks like may not be true. That’s why it’s important to look at aging through more than one lens. Age as a number is only part of the equation, and a small part at that. There are 4 dimensions of aging worth considering. And if you can find ways to influence at least 2 of these 4 dimensions, then you’ll be well on your way to living a healthy, empowered life well into your later years.   In this episode on Why We Age I interview Jan Tiefermann. Jan has been a Member of the Thriveology Pack for almost 10 years. She’s inspiration to anyone, young or older, looking to maintain optimal health as they age. In this episode (part #3) we discuss…   · Why Jan chooses to learn a new hobby each year · How Jan has changed her mind on motivation · The thing that keep Jan energetic beyond 60 · Why strength has become an important focus in her training routine · So much more… Be sure to connect with Thriveology and Good Wolf Radio on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube

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