Overcoming Obstacles Part #1: The Impediment to Action Advances Action

We like to think that change happens in a linear fashion, going from point “A” to point “B” with no disturbance or disruption on the way. Of course, when we actually take time think about it, we know that there are many bumps and bruises along the way, no matter what goal we’re pursuing.

These “bumps and bruises” are known as obstacles. Obstacles can have a negative connotation in the context of pursuing goals because…well…by definition, they stand in the way of our progress.


While we certainly can’t control whether or not obstacles will occur (because they most definitely will), we can control how we confront them. And the better prepared we are to confront obstacles when they arise, the more likely we are to overcome them when the time comes.


In this episode of Overcoming Obstacles (part #1) we discuss…


· The Trough of Despair as our major obstacle

· How bottoms-up and top-down processing control our actions

· How you can be more deliberate about tackling obstacles

· Why one brain structure may cause you to fight or flee in the face of an obstacles

· So much more…


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