Movement Matters Part #3: Eyes, Thermostats, and Metabolic Flexibility

Go to and sign up for our “Weekly 1%” newsletter, where, every Friday, we send out 1 Quick Tip, 1 Quote, and 1 Question to help you get 1% better.   When it come to our physical health, we spend a lot of time talking about and focusing on exercise as the main tool for improvement. Exercise, of course, is a necessity in our modern lives. But is this the only form of movement we need to build into our routine?   And the answer is, of course, surely not. Exercise is just one type of movement we should employ to move our way toward health and fitness mastery. There are other types of movement that should not only be included in your routine but may also have a greater overall impact on your long-term health.   In this episode of Movement Matters (part #2) we discuss…  
  • What happens your eyes don’t get the movement they need
  • How to improve your metabolic flexibility
  • How humans evolved to adjust to cold and heat
  • What you should do to adjust your internal thermostat
  • So much more…
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