Motivation Myth Part #2: Improved Effort and Persistence for Optimal Motivation

Go to and sign up for our “Weekly 1%” newsletter, where, every Friday, we send out 1 Quick Tip, 1 Quote, and 1 Question to help you get 1% better.   Motivation is a very important aspect of pursuing and achieving your health and fitness goals. Without it, you’ll have a hard time putting in the effort necessary to achieve any real results. The question is, why do so many us also put off our hopes and dreams for better health because of “lack of motivation”?   As it turns out, we may have been getting the equation wrong all long. While motivation is a very important attribute in our journey toward health and fitness mastery, we may be using it incorrectly and, worse, it may be keeping us pursuing our goals and becoming our best selves   During this 3-part series on Motivation, we pick this idea apart. We look at motivation through the lens of neuroscience to see what we can learn about its underpinnings, and put a plan together to build sustainable motivation for lasting results.   In this episode (part #2) we discuss…  
  • How effort counts twice in our pursuit of achievement
  • How effort changes from person to person and moment to moment
  • What you can do to increase your effort
  • What “living with purpose” can do to improve persistence
  • So much more…
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