Counting Calories Part #3: What Happens When We Restrict Calories?

Over the years there have been a number of diet and nutrition programs that are based around counting Calories. While the Calorie is a necessary measure to help us understand how much food we’re putting into our bodies, is it the best way for us to be tracking our food consumption?   When it comes to counting Calories, there is much more than meets the eye. Yes, all Calories are Calories, but not all Calories are created equal. And in this 3 part series we pick apart why it is that what you THINK you’re eating and what you’re ACTUALLY eating are two very different quantities.   In this episode of Counting Calories (part #3) we talk with Thriveology’s Nutrition Coach, Treves Janszen, who has gone through her own health and fitness transformation over the years. In this episode we discuss…  
  • Why Treves decided to lose weight in the first place
  • How restrictive diets can be so mentally draining
  • Why you shouldn’t be so strict sometimes
  • What Treves did when she realized that she had lost TOO much weight
  • So much more…
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