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You’re Not Broke…You’re Human

After trying one diet after another and not making any progress, it can be easy to feel like you’re a failure.

Even worse, it’s not uncommon to get the feeling of being broken. After all, your friend lost 20lbs doing keto or your cousin got a 6-pack doing P90x or your neighbor built buns of steel on the 100 squats-a-day- program…but why can’t YOU?!

Much of progress begins with a mindset. A mindset that you’re able to become the person you’re striving to be. The cultivation of that mindset starts with one realization…you’re human.

Yes, you tried keto and it didn’t work…so do something else…

Yes, you did P90x for 6 weeks and still no 6-pack…just keep going…

Yes, you even did 100 squats a day for weeks, and still no buns of steel…you’re just not there YET!

Progress is not a matter of trying one thing and quitting, or putting in effort for a few months then giving up. Progress happens over time…long, long periods of time.

And this is the case for everyone, including you. Because guess what…you’re not broken, you’re human.

Welcome to the club.

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