The Art of Daily Improvement

As I thought about a way to deliver more value to our community, the idea of daily improvement came to mind.

Sure, you get the Weekly Wisdom sent to you every 7 days. But those include in-depth explanations and multiple ideas you can implement.

Since our Team at Thriveology stresses the importance of focusing on building small habits over time, it only made sense to build more education around the same idea.

So, here it is. The importance of Pursuing 1%. The art of daily improvement. The simple strategies that can bring you lasting results, delivered one at a time every week.

Today, the strategy is simply that…shift your mindset to getting 1% every day.

I’m not asking for 10%…

Or even 2%…

Just 1%, each day, every day, for as long as you shall live.

Start by striving to bring your best to every moment. Because the only opportunity you have for growth is the opportunity directly at hand…which is NOW. Not yesterday. Not tomorrow. Not next week. Simply THIS MOMENT.

That’s the secret. That’s what it takes. That’s the mindset you need to make health & fitness sustainable.

Do that every day, and you’ll be well on your way to mastery…1% at a time.

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