You Are Here: The Importance of Starting Your Fitness Journey on Your Terms

I think we can all agree that there is no lack of opportunity or information about fitness, nutrition, wellness, health or any other trendy word you want to use that defines getting in shape and feeling better.

Yet, in spite of this fact, many people continue to struggle to find the right structure of health & fitness in their lives to create the best results.

Is this from a lack of determination? Absolutely not. Everybody who starts a fitness journey is determined AT THAT POINT to become healthier.

Is this because we don’t have patience? Well, partly. But that certainly isn’t the whole story.

Or is it because we’re all too stupid to figure things out? I would certainly disagree.

Then what really keeps people from making progress towards their fitness goals when we have all of this knowledge around us? It may be easier to understand than you think…

Where do I go from Here?!

Imagine that you’ve just decided that you want to get back in shape. Maybe you’re coming up on a big birthday, say, 50 or 60 (this is where many of our Members come to Thriveology). And you’re just sick and tired of being…well…sick and tired.

The first natural step to getting started on a new fitness journey is to gather information on possibilities. And this is typically where things start to go wrong.

There are 3 things that people typically do when they’re trying to figure out where they want to start working out:


Google is anybody’s friend. We go to Google with our problems and, low and behold, Google gives you 1,364,985 answers. The problem with that many answers is how overwhelming it can be trying to figure out which option works best.

This inevitable sifting through search results can lead to analysis paralysis. Basically, when you have too many options for something, you end up not following through at all because you can’t make up your mind. That’s not where you want to be if you’re trying to get in shape!


Okay, maybe it’s not Aunt Sallie for you. But maybe you ask your neighbor. Or maybe you ask your kids. Or maybe you ask your spouse. The problem with getting someone else’s thoughts on where to workout is, they’re not you.

Although it makes sense to ask your friends and family what they’re doing to improve their fitness, this can be a trap for failure. Not because what they’re doing is bad. Obviously, if they’re getting results, whatever activity they’re involved with is working wonders…for THEM.

Your goal is to figure out what is going to work for YOU.


Probably the worst first step that can happen is getting a gym membership at your local Globo Gym. I know. I’m going to get raked over the coals for this one. But let me explain…

Globo Gyms around the world have been the death of many fitness dreams over the years. By the thousands, people sign up for a gym membership after New Years in hopes of getting in shape, only to end in defeat just 6 weeks later (YES, 90% of people quit their New Years resolution by mid February).

The resulting effect is a feeling of defeat and self-doubt. I would almost say that your local Globo Gym is worse than McDonalds when it comes to achieving your fitness goals. 

At least with McDonalds you know what you’re getting. When you join Globo Gym, on the other hand, you have aspirations of greatness and, again, on average, end up in defeat.

Then What do I do to get Started?!

Understand, I’m not trying to convince you to stay away from Globo Gym or to not ask other’s opinions about where to workout. You have to gather information in order to make a decision. Otherwise you’ll end up continuing to do nothing.

Instead, you need to go into information gathering mode with 3 important questions in mind. These 3 questions should guide your search for the perfect fitness place for YOU.

Remember, that’s what this is all about. Finding a place where YOU can go and get results.

So, here are the 3 questions you need to ask. They are all equally as important. You should be looking for options that answer “YES!” to all 3 questions:


Think back to the last time you were in a normal gym. Was that a supportive environment? Did you feel like part of the group? Or did you feel judged and left out? Did you feel like everybody there was like you? Or did you feel like everybody there was against you?

When it comes to achieving in your fitness journey, community is everything. At Thriveology, we call our community The Pack. Not because they’re a ravage pack of angry wolves (although, they may sound like that during a workout). But because they are constantly lifting each other up and holding each other accountable!

Find your Pack is a necessity for long-term success.


I emphasize the word YOUR because you are an individual. And as an individual, you have different needs and wants than your Aunt Sallie or your neighbor Frank.

Maybe you’ve had a knee replacement. Or maybe you’ve had a bad back for a while. If you haven’t worked out in 10 years, you probably shouldn’t start at the same level as someone who has been working out for 10 years.

These are all things that a professional should point out and take into account when suggesting a program for you. We start new Members off with an individualized assessment to build their program. And then, we take the first 30 days to teach them the necessary information they need to know to get the most out of their membership.

Knowledge is power. But it’s even more powerful when you can take action on it. So, finding a professional who can teach you AND push you to take action is priceless.


I know, sounds crazy, right? Fitness being fun?! No way.

Research shows that people who partake in fitness activities that they deem as boring end up quitting soon after they began. On the contrary, when people do things that they deem as FUN, they stick with it for an average of 2 years plus.

Your goal, then, should be to find something that is fun to YOU. No, that doesn’t mean it’s going to be fun ALL of the time. Yes, you will struggle, Yes, it will be tough. No, you should not get tootsie rolls and pizza afterward.

You should, however, enjoy what you’re doing most of the time. And, if you’ve followed this formula correctly, you should also enjoy the people you’re doing it with.

If you can find the right place, with the right people, and professional guidance, you’ll have a trifecta for success.

So keep these questions in mind. Let them guide your next (and hopefully final) search for fitness improvement.

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