Members of The Pack: Nancy

When I started at Thrive, it was maybe 4 years ago. I needed something physical to help balance an overwhelming emotional trauma that nearly rendered me out of balance to function. I needed a physical outlet.

As a family, we have always been active but not intentionally regular. After a bit I was able to convince my husband to try it with me as SOMETHING GOOD we could share and benefit from. It was so helpful to have company on this new venture! At first, we were able to commiserate on the aches and pains and then somewhere we were able to celebrate with each other accomplishments and laughs we had at the gym.

We learned a whole new vocabulary together, rear elevated squats, kettlebell swings, reverse burpees, and BEAR CRAWLS?! Progress is what was the biggest aid to overcome our initial fear of the gym and its new activities. Our youngest son even joined the gym to keep up with us. When it comes to health and fitness my biggest struggle by far was about 2 years in this new process of activity I was diagnosed with Stage IV metastatic Colon Cancer at age 52.

The benefit of being at Thrive then and Thriveology now is I AM A SURVIVOR! According to the American Cancer Society Stage IV Colon Cancer patients have a 5-year relative survival rate of 11%. I shared every step with our group at The Pack, testing, diagnosis, fear, port placement, fear, chemo, side effects, fear, Remission, JOY, re-occurrence, fear, fear, fear! All the while, Thrive, Coach Sharon, Jerry, Treves, and Pack Members offered help, support, nutrition counseling, support, tears, laughs, dinner, visits, modifications. All I had to do was keep showing up!

And I did! 21 chemo treatments, watching my abilities and weights go down, a colon resection, with no workouts allowed for 6 weeks. Coach Sharon expected me to be there. I was there. It is part of my life now. It’s what I do. It is most likely why I am here. The doctors are amazed by my response to treatments.

Then add 3 more chemo’s, one 10 mile Tough Mudder, made possible by The Pack! And 5 more chemos and HOPEFULLY a permanent remission and now a total left hip replacement, just when I was again getting a few new PR’s. Am I tough? No just committed- I want to be as healthy as possible. That will not happen from the couch.

The doctors say I am strong and healthy. The advice from the doctors I have consistently heard is “Keep exercising, its the best thing you can do for yourself”! Thrive made that possible by modifying, lightning up, pushing or not according to where I was all along this journey. What a gift! I feel like I have something chasing me and I want to win. I come in and walk and I can’t wait until I can do my regular gym work! Why? I signed up! I WANT TO BE THERE! I WANT TO PUSH THAT SLED, SWING THAT BELL, GET IN ANOTHER CHIN UP! I know what it is like not to be able to and wish it was different AND I want to beat that 11% so I will give 110% and I know Thriveology will as well! I would ask the person considering Thriveology what is chasing you?

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