Members of The Pack: Mendy C.

When I joined I worried I wouldn’t be successful.  The Pack has welcomed me and I feel like a part of this family.  Doing the Tough Mudder only 8 months after joining was a big challenge and I ran with it.  I did more than I thought I could and was cheered on and encourages by everyone.

This latest Project Recharge has sparked a fire in me and I am determined to get where I need to be. Treves has been instrumental in my current success.  Intermittent fasting has also finally allowed me to have some success with weight loss and insulin resistance.

Jerry is fun and welcoming.  I love everyone at Thriveology and enjoy each and every class I take. Sharon is a great trainer and always comes up with new and interesting ways to challenge us.

Looking forward to where I’ll be a year from now. Rocking 1% better every day!

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