Members of The Pack: Angela Rose

I’ve been a member of Thriveology quite a few years. Actually, I’ve been to quite a few gyms prior to Thriveology. 

I’ve always enjoyed working out but pretty much did the same routine over an over. At Thriveology classes are continuously changing, which keeps things from getting boring and keeps your body guessing. 

I feel like I look at exercise in a different light now. For me it’s not about lifting heavier weights or losing pounds, it’s about being healthier and staying healthy. Jerry and his team have a passion for health and fitness. They care about your well being and are very knowledgeable about health and fitness. 

Being a part of Thriveology gives me that drive and makes me feel accountable to keep moving forward with my health. 

For me, this isn’t just the same old workout routine anymore….it’s a lifestyle.

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