Science of Achievement: How to Improve Your Planning to Improve Your Success

For many people, the struggle to set New Year’s Resolutions and reach them is real. Here are a couple of statistics to help show you the point: 

About 40% of American’s set a New Year’s Resolution each year, on average. Of those 40%, a full 80% will have given up by the first week of February. For those remaining 20% who hang on past February, only about 9% will have accomplished their goal by the end of the year.

Pretty sobering stats, for sure. Which brings us to an important question: why set a resolution in the first place? If the odds are OBVIOUSLY stacked against you, what’s the point in trying to achieve something more?

That’s a great question. And one that we’ll get to in due time. To start, let’s look at what made those 9% who accomplished their goals successful in the first place. This way you can begin to see that achievement is possible.

Why You’re REALLY Not Accomplishing Your Goals

A New Year’s Resolution is just a fancy way of saying “set a goal”. And even though they are said in completely different ways, with a completely different feel, the outcome of them is typically the same.

Either you set a goal and fall short or set a resolution and quit by February. So many hopes and aspirations are brought to an end too early, not because you didn’t have the ability to succeed, but because you didn’t know and respect the PROCESS of achievement in the first place.

What You’re Skipping in the Process

The process for achievement is pretty simple on the surface. Here’s out it looks:

#1) Set your New Year’s Resolution

#2) Create a plan to accomplish your resolution

#3) Take action on your plan

Pretty simple and straight forward, right? Well, if it were so simple, then there wouldn’t only be a 9% success rate for New Year’s Resolutions setters.

What those 9% had what the other 91% didn’t was a more thought out plan. In other words, the 91% who gave up on their resolution focused mostly on #1 and #3 of the achievement process. When, in reality, you need to build is a stronger plan so that when you do take action, you have some fail-safes in place and other avenues you can pursue.

What You Should Be Including in Your Achievement Plans

I know what you’re thinking…”So, Jerry, what should I include in my plan to improve my odds of success?”. While this is somewhat different for every scenario, there are some generalities that you should follow.

For the 9% of resolution achievers, there were a few related areas that they focused on to improve their chances, and eventual success, of reaching their goals. Let’s look at them one at a time:

#1) Gain knowledge in the particular area that you’re trying to achieve

When you think about those areas in your life that you enjoy the most, would you say that you know a lot about them or a little about them? If you enjoy gardening, for instance, do just buy a shovel and go at it? Or do you buy a book about perennial and annuals. And a book about the best season for planting. And a book about which trimmers to use for your roses.

For most hobbies, it’s likely that you have a pretty solid understanding of what it takes to be able to do that hobby good. For your resolutions, then, you need to gain some knowledge about the resolution topic itself.

For instance, if you want to lose weight, you need to have a basic understanding of what has worked for others when it comes to weight loss. Maybe you read some blog posts, or maybe you go to a seminar, or maybe you listen to a couple of podcasts. The idea here is not to become and expert, per se. But to be able to have some questions when you go to hire a coach. Which leads me to number 2…

#2) Find a quality coach or mentor to guide you along the way

One of the crippling mistakes that many people make when trying to pursue their goal is by assuming they know what’s best. And while only we can know our true selves and what guides us, you cannot and should not know everything about everything.

Which is why you need to hire a quality coach or find a guiding mentor to help you along the way as you pursue your goal. A quality coach is worth their weight in gold. Which is why they cost money. But it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to reach your goal without a coach.

A perfect example of why you are unlikely to reach your goal without expert guidance is pro athletes. Pro athletes are absolutely, positively the best of the best. Tiger Woods, for instance, was the best golfer in the world for years on end. And guess what, Tiger Woods had a golf coach. Not because he was bad at golf, but because he knew he had weaknesses that needed improving.

The knowledge you gained from step #1 will let you understand if the coach is credible or not. Once you’ve found a quality to help guide you, the next thing you need to do is change your surroundings. Say “Hello” to step #3…

#3) Surround yourself with people like you who are trying to achieve similar goals

The third and final step can be one of the hardest. Have you ever heard the saying “Likes attract likes”? What this basically means is you are attracted to people who are like you. And when it comes to achieving your goals, this may mean that you need to get yourself around a different group of people.

Going back to our examples of weight loss, maybe you have friends who like to go out and party. And maybe, when you started hanging out with those friends is when you started putting on weight.

If you’re goal is to lose weight, then, it might makes sense to find a different group of friends that support this goal. This may be in the form of a support community or an online group. Weightwatchers is the one of the ultimate examples of this. You join Weightwatchers because there is coaching (step #2) and a support group with the same goal (step #3).

Coming Back to WHY Resolutions are Important

Which brings me back to WHY. Why are New Year’s Resolutions important to set when the odds are stacked against you? Well, my friend, it all comes down to one word…progress.

Progress is what makes us ultimately happy in life. And setting resolutions and goals gives us something to shoot for so that we can make more progress and become better over time. Think of any are where you’re happy in your life and it’s likely that you’re making the most progress in that area. You’re worth it. And your happiness and overall fulfillment are worth it. And that’s why you need to always strive to be better.

How to Take the Next Step in Your Progress Journey

Luckily for you, you too can be part of the 9% who reach & exceed their New Year’s Resolutions. Because on January 5th, 2019, NKY is getting an event that has never been available in the area.

The NKY New Year’s Revolution Summit was developed to give you access to all of 3 areas covered above to help you achieve your goals: knowledge, expert guidance, and a community of like-minded people.

The Summit will give you education on the most popular New Year’s Resolutions of all time:

  • Gaining Financial Freedom
  • Building Stronger Relationships
  • Achieving Greater Fitness Levels
  • Improving Your Nutritional Choices

You choose the path you want to focus on so that you’re only getting educated in the areas that interest you the most. And, best of all, you will guided through the goal setting and achievement planning process that experts use to build success.

For more information and to secure your spot today, visit the event page HERE. And hurry, there are limited spots available.

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